Gas Services Provided

Whilst carrying out any Gas work it is important to find a company who are knowledgeable and capable of performing certain tasks. At JMC Property we can guarantee that any Gas work is carried out by a registered engineer who is qualified and up to date with any changes.

Boiler Replacement :

Sometimes it isn’t economical to repair an existing boiler or the parts for it may have become obsolete. If this happens to be the case we will work with you to find a new boiler which will work perfectly in your home. Picking a boiler that will work to its maximum efficiency will help reduce heating costs overall in your home. We work with a variety of different brands from -

-Worcester Bosch




-Glow Worm



Boiler Servicing :

Carrying out a service on your gas boiler is essential in order to maintain its reliability and performance. Your boiler provides hot water and heating for your home, so ensuring it is serviced regularly will pick up on any problems before they escalate into costly repairs. Having a faulty boiler can be extremely dangerous, if your boiler is not regularly serviced there is a risk it could be leaking carbon monoxide.

Gas Safety Certifcates :

We can carry out the necessary tests on your gas appliances to ensure they are working correctly in order to give you the confidence that there are no issues. These vital checks can be life saving. During this test we will check the following -

  • The appliance is working at the correct operating pressure.

  • There is an adequate air supply to the appliance and that it is burning gas correctly.

  • That flues and chimneys are clear and enable the appliance to emit gases and fumes safely to the outside. 

  • That all safety devices on the appliance such as cut out devices are working correctly.