Creating your bathroom

We believe bathrooms should not only be functional but beautiful. At JMC Property we can work with you to create a space that is equally practical and contemporary.

We specialise in creating a variety of different bathrooms from luxurious suites, modern bathrooms, wetrooms, ensuites and downstairs cloakrooms.

To transform your bathroom it is important to keep certain factors in mind.

Space - 

Most bathrooms are small to allow for more room in other areas of the home. So instantly, a larger bathroom is a luxury. If you are unable to remove any existing walls then the only option is to create the appearance of more space by removing visual clutter, choosing a monochromatic colour palette, and using a few additional luxurious qualities.

Lighting -

Like space, light is a commodity that can be in short supply, and its abundance in the bathroom is a luxury. The right lighting will drastically improve the space of the room if your space is limited.

Materials -

Choosing the right suite for your bathroom can be a long process, it is important you try to find the correct suite for your style of bathroom. 


Detail -

If space is tight consider having a pocket door / sliding door.

Ask yourself the right questions :

Should I mount the vanity on the wall to maximise floor space?

Do I need underfloor heating or is a towel rail sufficient for me?


Should I have a freestanding toilet or a concealed cistern?